20 years of experience

Welcome Acuambiente Ltda, a company with 20 years of experience providing support to the industrial sector in the conservation of the environment; governed by the policies and standards that establishes the agencies of national and international control.

Trajectory Acuambiente Ltda.

Acuambiente Ltd. It was founded in the year 1997 in the city of Santiago de Cali, looking for meet the environmental needs of local industry, by applying the good engineering practices, served in the matrix needs air, water, soil and noise. Always remain its greatest strength the matrix especially air pollution from stationary sources. Providing a service based on values and professionalism is able to expand its field of action at the national level, reaching out to various departments in the country.

In search to provide a more specialist service, for the year 2008 Acuambiente Ltda. Decides to focus all their efforts in the provision of services of monitoring atmospheric stationary sources. Taking methodologies certified and expanding its portfolio of services is able to cover a greater field of specialized clientele such as incinerators and crematoria Preparing for the challenges of competitive market and professional, in the year 2009 Acuambiente Ltda implements its quality system, based on the NTC ISO 17025.

After a shared effort and committed their entire team working on Feb 17 2010 Acuambiente Ltda. It is accredited by the IDEAM through resolution 0349, as competent laboratory of sampling at fixed sources, with a range in certified methodology at the international level.

In this way and always giving priority to the ethics and values both human and professional, Acuambiente Ltda. is defined as an environmental consulting firm specializing in the array of air monitoring for stationary sources.

Achieving this way the confidence of the industrial guild at the national level. In search of a better attention to the needs of its customers, Acuambiente is prepared in both infrastructure and staff to meet in a secure and integrated manner the needs of the industry. In the year 2012 was prepared again this time with new improvements in their methodologies and equipment, in order to expand a little more of his industrial significance. The May 27 2013 Acuambiente Ltda. Again it is accredited by the IDEAM through resolution that__LW_NL__when 0876 and equal that in the past currently we are still concerned to improve thinking of our customers and the environment.

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Cali - Valle

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Acuambiente LTDA.

We are a laboratory accredited by IDEAM, according to resolution 2131 of 2016, to produce quantitative information, physics and chemistry. For the environmental studies or analyzes required by the competent environmental authorities.

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