Offer to the industrial sector, services of sanitary and environmental engineering specializing in the monitoring and evaluation of atmospheric emissions in stationary sources, looking for that your social object will perform in harmony with the environment.


Under our system of continuous improvement, develop and strengthen our services, with responsibility and reliability, for the benefit of the parties concerned and preservation of the resource air, water and soil.

Quality policies

Our quality policy, is to provide our customers, consulting services, and evaluation of environmental indicators reliable and timely that meet their expectations with respect to the quality of the sampling and results of this, Using equipment in good working condition and calibrated by external agents when so required by the environmental agency and hiring services for the analysis of samples with laboratories accredited by the IDEAM and/or International agencies that guarantee delivery of the results in the time offered, the traceability and confidentiality of the information, attain a permanent improvement in processes and in the effectiveness of our management system to ensure the leadership in the service. In Acuambiente Ltda., we have administrative resources, physical, technical and highly skilled human committed with our quality system, which is founded in the NTC-ISO/IEC-17025-2005, What allows our customers to ensure the quality of our technical services, through the use of methodologies from highly qualified institutions, referenced in national or international standards.